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Sorting, Case Packaging, Palletising

Since 1958 we oli-Spezialanlagen GmbH specialised in modular final packaging machinery that can be extended to operate as a fully automatic packaging line.

Case Packaging: Different products and shapes can be processed such as: bags, folding boxes, blister and deep-drawn packaging, bottles,etc.

Palletising: Practically any product or shape can be processed, such as: American cases, trays with/without lids, buckets, cans, shrink-wrapped items, etc.

Side loaders


Oli 310: for folding boxes, upright cans/bottles, etc. in American cases, wrap-around cases and trays.

Olibag 210: for bags, blister wraps, flat or upright products in American cases, wrap-around cases and trays.

Side loaders

Fully Automatic final packaging line

Oli 310 with olimat 3D: speed up to 8 cs/min

Oli 210 with olimat 1: speed up to 20 cs/min

Olibag 210 with olimat 1: speed up to 20 cs/min

Top loader (Pick &Place)

Fully Automatic finalpackaging line.

Oli 210 V with olimat 1A Multi: speed up to 15 cs/min

Lid placer

Suitable for U-shaped lids, lids with flaps on the side, lids in trays, lids over trays (outer)


Modular design allows combination with other oli modules, or deployment as a stand alone machine.


Oli-pal A: Basic machine

Oli-pal B: Basic machine with pallet roller conveyor


Oli-pal C: Basic machine with pallet roller conveyor and pallet magazine.


Oli-pal D: Basic machine with pallet roller conveyor, pallet magazine and interlayer magazine


Oli-pal DLS: additional layout version (loading of magazines and full pallet pick discharge from front side)

Track and Trace systems

Olipack can implement Track and Trace solutions in any case packer systems.


Single or Double shot.

Counter Holder.

Compatible with FDA Requirements.

Can use any Track and trace system as per the user requirement.

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