Experience the difference of VDL UVA Packaging.

As a change-maker we want to challenge the status in VFFS machines, not only with our fresh ideas, but also with our outstanding product innovations. We would love to solve your business challenges to achieve maximum results.

UVA Butler Series

Intermittent motion machine with speeds up to 120 bag/min.


Never underestimate the impact of the UVA Butler!


The UVA Butler is small in its size but serves you well with an ultimate performance and outstanding quality.


If trust is key you absolutely need to experience the power of the UVA Butler!

UVA Lima Series - Lima Twinner

Continuous motion machine with speeds up to 200 bag/min.


UVA Lima is the most flexible VFFS machine on the market!

The UVA Lima is able to create almost every bag style with exceptional speed and performance.


The modular system will solve your packaging challenges with zippers, handles and special flexible packaging materials.

UVA Newton TX Series

Intermittent motion machine with speeds up to 100 bag/min.


This unique VFFS technology produces stand up pouches (or DOY style bags) at speeds and quality levels that are comparable to a traditional horizontal pouch maker.


The Newton TX is capable of running various bag styles with multiple types of reclose-ability, such as child proof zippers.

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